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5 things to look for in Open Class

(Texto en español a continuación) Open Class is coming soon! Every trimester we invite parents of our Anglophone KIDS´ parents to come to class and see them in their learning environment, with their teachers and their peers. Parents come for the last 30 minutes of the class and join us at the…

14 Dic 2017

S.T.E.M. at Summer Fun Camp

(Texto en español a continuación) Hello! As we are getting ready for our Camp. We are happy to say that this year we are bringing S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Math) to our Summer FUN Curriculum! What is S.T.E.M.? As defined in its acronym, S.T.E.M. stands for Science Technology Engineering Math. The idea…

26 Jun 2017

Anglophone Reading Program

(Texto en español a continuación) As reading is the basis for success in all other skills, it is certainly the most important element in early primary education. In acquiring a second language, this is even more interesting, as it opens the door for a better understanding of the second code and…

10 Feb 2017

How can I help my child to get a good…

(Texto en español a continuación) Getting our children to speak English well is not only a bilingual family’s goal but is also something that is attainable for families who are monolingual and from Almeria. It only requires intention, imagination and a good plan. We are aware of the importance of languages but…

18 Ene 2017

End of the Year Testing

The end of the year is here, and with that we like to check our students one by one to see how everybody is doing and how they can communicate in the context of Standard Based Testing. How do we do this? We use the format of Official Examinations to…

28 Jun 2016


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